Fat Heat — worx

Graffiti – let’s call it what it is – for me is a passionate but healthy competition, which requires deep concentration. That’s why I try to synchronize this dependency with a lifestyle that is more or less acceptable by the society that surrounds me.


I feel that through my addiction, all of the nights that I’ve spent awake because of it and the dangerous situations that I got out of safely, have helped to give me a really objective perspective on life. Despite the fact that I have given up on the illegal part of “writing” I will always keep those golden years as a great treasure, deep in my heart.


For the present and the future I just try to communicate this knowledge in the most honest way that is possible, whether I paint a small canvas, a huge mural, letters or a character.

Fat Heat

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A lot happens when you stay up late at night.

04 Dec 2012

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