John Dyer Baizley — worx

John Baizley is a painter and musician based in Savannah, Georgia. He is notable for his album cover art and t-shirts for artists including many differente underground bands, one of those is his own band, “Baroness” for which he is the singer and rhythm guitarist.


Baizley’s artwork is very intricate and detailed usually consisting of iconic imagery, warm colors, and religious or sometimes anti-religious elements. He repeatedly uses the female form in a very stylized way to tell a story within each work. His style is heavily influenced by the famous artist Alphonse Mucha.

“My goal is to find a narrative and theoretic balance without seeming either too overtly pretentious or too simple and comical” – John Baizley

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A lot happens when you stay up late at night.

26 Jul 2012

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