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Keephla Kee is an anglo-italian artist whose works depict beautiful women composed of messy lines yet without diminishing the harmony in a woman’s body and that’s the reason why i’d call his drawings a “controlled mess”. His work consists of pencil and ink drawings reproducing original pictures by photographers he considers particularly inspiring. When the drawing is ready, it is finally scanned and adjusted digitally.
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A special thanks to the following models:
Ioana, Adriana, Bloody Betty, Corinna, Daiana, Elena, Eleonora, Fabrizia, Floriana B., Francesca VS., Ileana, Kah, Lulù Draghiza, Martina, Mirtel, Monia, Monica, Nera, Paola, Requiem Magnolia, Roxana, Scythe Rose, Valentina, Vilma.

And also, a special thanks to the authors of the original shots:
Adrian, Simone Angarano, Art Sur Cour, Monica Auditore, Sam Bea, Fabio Bergamasco, Marta Boroni, Valentino Candiani, Claudia Castrioto, Carlo Dalla Valle, Giuseppe de Biasi, Marco Folto, Mario G., Mimmo Irrera, Piermaria Guastadisegni PMG, Max Lettieri, Marco Michieletto, Fabrizia Milia, Flavio Paleari, Andrea Tomas Prato, Vincenzo Recchia, Andrea Sileo, Carlo Torriani, Adolfo Valente.

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24 Dec 2013

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