Lego Factory v2.0 – Demonstration video

This is the first video of the full functionality of the Lego Mindstorms – Factory 2.0 project. All video was recorded during the LegoWorld 2010 event in Zwolle (The Netherlands) from October 20th until October 27th.

Creator: Martijn Bosgraaf (Dryw Filtiarn)
Total construction time: 4.5 months (June 2010 until October 2010)
~ 150 hours of Lego building + ~ 100 hours of programming (5 NXT’s + LDD model processing software)
Total amount of bricks: Estimated to be around 25.000
Warehouse: 95 different bricks with a total of 1520 bricks in stock
Maximum model size: 16 x 22 x 11 (width x length x height in bricks)
Controlled by 5 NXT’s, with a combined programming (NXC) line-count of nearly 50.000 lines of code.
Models designed in Lego Digital Designer (LDD)

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11 Nov 2010

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