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Mask of Perfection

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Mask of Perfection — focuses on the complex and ambivalent relationship between the beauty we perceive subjectively on the one hand, and the plastic surgeon’s scientific, geometry-based standard of beauty on the other. Maria M. LoTempio was given the assignment to do what it takes to “upgrade” these “patients” according to the standards of her profession. All patients were initially evaluated via a set of five clinical images (frontal, 3/4 and full profiles on both side) and then examined in person. Finally, they were marked with pre-operative markings – the Mask of Perfection. The images in this series were taken in this state. – Marc Erwin Babej .


Mask of Perfection” will be available in October as editions and single prints by Adamson Gallery in Washington, DC and Amstel Gallery in Amsterdam. The series will also be shown at (e)merge art fair in Washington, DC and Pulse Art Fair in Miami Beach.

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A lot happens when you stay up late at night.

30 Jul 2013

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