Nicola Verlato — worx

Nicola Verlato was Born in Verona in 1965. Currently Lives and works in Downtown Los Angeles, California.
Verlato’s dramatic allegorical compositions are rendered with remarkable use of perspective, reminiscent of the Renaissance-era. The show title, How the West Was Won, refers to the culture clash between monotheism and polytheism throughout human history, a battle that the artist believes to be at the very roots of the development of western civilization. In Verlato’s words: “Figurative art is intrinsically related to a polytheistic attitude (cult of idols) while the monotheistic one prohibits graven images, as written in the bible. Monotheism clearly won in most aspects of western culture but polytheism still survives in pop culture.

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A lot happens when you stay up late at night.

20 Oct 2014

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