The best of 2013

A great year is about to come to an end, to wrap it up, we decided to present you the blog posts we’ve liked most from this Year. Thank you for all the loving support, your feedback, your criticism, and thanks to all the amazing creatives and their work. Enjoy.

Alexa Singer — Photography


QT Sydney Hotel


Tatiana Kazakova — worx


Pete Tapang — worx


Zim Killgore — photography


Aleksandr MAVRIN — photography


Daniel Ilinca — photography


Jorge Guzman — photography


Kim-Jong un visits the army


Larsen Sotelo — photography


Simona Smrckova — photography


Paul Davey — worx


Charlie Bowater — worx


Luis Ortiz — photography


Fabio Vido — worx


Lucas Passmore — photography


Mira Ruido — worx


Jason Hetherington — photography


EranFolio — worx


Johannes Stoetter — bodypaintings


Damon Loble — photography


Nijah Lefevre — worx


Inside North Korea


Infographics – The Price of Being Superheroes


Mikko Lagerstedt — photography


Joseph Tran — Photography


NIGHTVISION — Timelapse of Europe


Emily Burns — worx


Marc Adamus — photography


Milos Rajkovic — GIF worx


Grumpy Cat takes over Disney


Chris Ozer — photography


[VIDEO] LG Ultra HDTV Reality Prank


Christer Karlstad — worx


Thomas Wievegg — worx


Inversus: Lost in Translation


Ciorania — photography


Ricardo Bessa — worx


Lo Chan Peng — worx


Desktopography 2013 Exhibition


LAMBUJA — worx


Shelby Robinson — photography


Hotel Baltazar, Budapest


Adriana Lima x Numero Tokyo December 2013


Modern Technology integrated into Famous Masterpieces


Keith P. Rein — worx


Simon Hartvig — worx


Uli Staiger — worx


Caras Ionut — worx


Jee Young Lee — photography

* The list of selected artists/works was ordered randomly starting from the first posted in January 2013.

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