The Student Hotel

I had the pleasure to stay in The Student Hotel for a couple of days back in April, when I was in Amsterdam. Absolutely stunning place, from design to people to staff. Super fast Wi-Fi, a gym, easy to reach, it was kinda cheap also. If you happen to go to Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague this is definitely the place to look for.
The Student Hotel, a boutique hotel which is a mix between a hostel and a serviced apartment which aims at providing ideal accommodation for students, interns, researchers and travellers who are looking for affordable luxury. International creative agency …,staat was called on to develop the hotel’s interior and exterior design, as well as its architecture, branding, naming, visual identity, and overall creative strategy. While focused on offering “comfort, convenience and community,” The Student Hotel emerges as the ideal home-away-from-home with its various locations throughout Europe, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and more locations to follow in Florence, Eindhoven and Groningen (both in the Netherlands). The design concept was centered around creating spaces that provide for one of the most inspiring times in most people’s lives, college life, resulting in an exciting environment that amplifies this social, intellectual and fun period. Overall, The Student Hotel is an inspiring place that encourages and energizes students to strive for their best, all the while having lots of fun in the meantime.

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07 Oct 2015

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