Let Them Eat Lace by Nicolina Patricia Malina is a lace lover’s dream come true. This editorial boasts Marie Antoinette-inspired beauties saturated in dripping jewels, lace, pearls and curls. These pale epitomes of perfection are adorned with cotton-candy up-dos, pastel ringlets and skin-tight lingerie.
This photo shoot, although playful, is equally scandalous. Malina’s editorial is saturated with suggestively sexy outfits and sultry pouting mademoiselles that could make a crow blush. The models in this shoot are seen staring intensely at the camera, kittenishly posed on the bed seducing the camera with bedroom eyes and embracing their lavishly lace-draped bodies.
Take a look at this amazing video by Leone Stave, the sugar that won’t harm.

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